We manufacture non metallic cut gaskets from a wide range of materials in our state-of-the-art gasket shop. We began manufacturing die cut gaskets in 1994. Fluid Sealing Products uses CNC knife machines and routers in order to provide our customers with precise cuts, whether to ASME B16.20 specifications or the end users drawings. We maintain a large inventory of cut flange gaskets in the following materials: Graphite, Teflon®, Rubber, Cork, Phenolic, and Vegetable Fiber.


Non metallic gaskets are usually the most cost-effective option for flange gasket applications.


FSP can produce non-metallic gasket from all major manufacturers i.e. Garlock, Klinger, JM Clipper, Teadit, Durabla, UTEX, etc.


Garlock PTFE Gasket Brochure

IFG Brochure

Gylon Products Brochure

Chemical Resistance Manual

Performance Grade Compressed Gasketing

Compressed Gasketing

Rubber Sheet

Style 3505 Gasketing


Graphite Gaskets Expanded Teflon Gaskets Elastomer Gaskets
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