Fluid Sealing Products has the most comprehensive line of gaskets, fasteners, flange insulation kits, and related specialty items in the industry. Please review our current product line sheet and then proceed to the drop down header for further information on a particular product. Download the Line Sheet

Metal Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets Ring Type Joint Gaskets Rubber Coated Ring Joint Gaskets
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Heat Exchanger Gaskets Graphonic and Tephonic Gaskets High Temperature Gaskets

Non-Metallic Cut Gaskets

Graphite Gaskets Expanded Teflon Gaskets Elastomer Gaskets


Stud Bolts Machine Bolts Industrial Nuts Industrial Washers Allen Head Bolts
Stove Bolts Thread-cutting Screws U Bolts, I Bolts, J Bolts Threaded Rod  

Flange Insulation Kits

Flange Insulation Kit Flange Gasket Bands

Expansion Joints

Unaflex Expansion Joints Unaflex Metal Expansion Joints


Cam and Groove Fittings Anti-seize Thread Lubricant UV Resistant Xylan Coating and Plating