Flange insulation kits for cathodic protection are one of our specialties at Fluid Sealing Products. From the economy based phenolic and non-asbestos type for plumbing and HVAC to the higher critical pressures of pipeline and wellhead applications we can provide you with the right solution.


Our general service flange insulation kits have quick turnaround for immediate needs and are fabricated to end user specifications and materials.


Fluid Sealing Products has developed a series of FSP Technical Bulletins to address issues of proper torque and gasket selection.


Tech Bulletin


We also represent Pikotek, the premier flange insulation kit for very critical services (style VCS). Pikotek flange insulation kits are also available in a firesafe version.


Pikotek Brochure ~ Flange Insulation Presentation


Insulation gaskets with additional sealing elements (referred to as o-ring type) are also available. These elements can be manufactured from a variety of elastomers and plastics. This type of gasket will increase salability and chemical resistance while providing the protection needed.


Fluid Sealing Products also manufactures flange bands for corrosion protection and recommends them on all insulated flanges. Install with our inhibitor grease for years of service.

Flange Insulation Kit Installation Procedure : Flange Insulation Examples


Flange Insulation Kit Flange Gasket Bands