Fluid Sealing Products, Inc.

155 Southbelt Industrial Drive

Houston, TX 77047

P: 713-910-1028 F: 713-910-1227

Please click the name of the contact below to send an email.

John Blake (281-381-4158)

Manufacturing & Facilities Mgr.
Ray Hernandez (281-740-6670)

Bin Stocking
Robert Smith (281-731-9895)
Sam McCleney

Dennis Galati (713-907-6400)

Merril Roy (713-898-2738)
Paul Escamilla (281-770-3386)
Greg David (713-907-3373)
Sandy Stone
Amy Turner
Danny Weber
Inside Sales
Steve Davis - Mgr. (281-853-4909)
Crystal Hightower (832-425-8743)
Jason Cox (281-757-2577)
Valerie Bennatt (281-757-1591)
Tony Shaw (713-907-3373)
Greg David (713-907-3373)
Desmond Dawson (281-673-0161)

Dave Moore

Gasket Products

Fastener Products
Michael Davis

Brittany Wooley (281-615-7042)

Material Test Reports
Amber Poorboy
Christina Jimenez
Brittany Lewis
Outside Sales
John Brewer - Mgr. (713-557-1382)
Moe Tice (713-907-1832)
John Doherty (281-615-5226)
Bruce Sudano (713-320-0091)
Josh Pederson (713-373-1252)
Fluid Sealing Specialist
Willie Jenkins (713-899-8747)
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